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Seattle Networking Events Calendar
The Seattle Networking Guide compiles a monthly list of great networking events on subjects ranging from business to science and from the arts to the environment. Check it out!
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Seattle Parks & Recreation
The City of Seattle's Department of Parks & Recreation organizes a surprising number of learning and recreational opportunities for adults and families. Options run the gamut from swimming to soccer.
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Women's University Club of Seattle
The W.U.C. of Seattle is a private members club for women located in a historic building in the heart of Seattle. Members are welcome to make use of the facilities for business or family events.
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West Sound Wildlife Shelter
West Sound Wildlife Shelter treats and releases 1,000 injured animals each year. The group offers many ways for kids and adults to get involved, including class visits and annual fundraiser.
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Wild Steelhead Coalition
WSC is a volunteer driven advocacy group dedicated to increasing the return of wild steelhead to the waters and rivers of the Pacific Northwest. All who care about this threatened species is welcome.
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Women's Business Exchange (WBE)
WBE members share a commitment to and passion for community and business development. Events are designed to impart the necessary knowledge and connections to develop community and corporate leaders.
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Waterfront Seattle
Waterfront Seattle is a city government initiative to get citizen input in defining the future of Seattle's waterfront after demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct.
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